Oldest Provincial Race Club in Australia Established 1843

The York Racecourse is situated in the picturesque landscape on the outskirts of York in Western Australia and is operated by York Racing Inc.

It is the oldest operating race track in the region and is regarded as a prominent location by the Western Australian community.

Attracting thousands of people, the York Racecourse was voted the ‘Northern Racecourse of the year’ by the racehorse owners association.

We don’t ‘just do’ racing, although this is predominately the history of our wonderful club.

We have 3 event rooms that can accommodate your requirements for weddings, parties and get together gatherings; We also have a large under cover area that would accommodate an event on those lovely summer evenings, whilst enjoying the backdrop and grounds of our club which are simply breathtaking.

York Racing Inc look forward to welcoming you.

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